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About The Course

Learn about the basics of Project Management to help you (or a team) break down a large assignment into manageable time-conscious tasks. Learning project management is important because it equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively plan, organize, and execute projects of all sizes and complexities. It provides a structured framework for managing resources, time, and costs, ensuring projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders. Project management fosters clear communication, risk mitigation, and problem-solving abilities, enabling individuals to tackle challenges and deliver successful outcomes in various professional settings. Whether in business, technology, construction, or any other field, project management skills are highly valued and can significantly enhance one's career prospects and overall project success.

Recommended with

Project Management

1 hour

Design Thinking (UI/UX) Part 2

1 hour

Designing Your Mock Website

1 hour

About the Instructor

Joshua Newbins

Joshua Newbins, founder of Blue Room Technologies, is a BR native with 10+ years of software development experience. He views tech as an art form that combines creativity with problem solving. When he isn’t coding, he enjoys giving back to his community via mentoring and tutoring.

A fun fact about Joshua is that he is an adventure seeker who enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, and hiking.

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