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Durango High School's

Interact Club's Collaborative Mural Project

Transforming Spaces, Empowering Students

About the Fundraiser

Welcome to the Durango High School's Interact Club's  Restroom Mural Project, a collaborative endeavor uniting the creative forces of Durango High School, The Walls Project, and the Interact Club.


Our mission is to breathe new life into two restroom spaces, transforming them into vibrant canvases that reflect the spirit of our student body. Through this project, we empower students to take the lead in envisioning and creating a mural that revitalizes a once-neglected area and fosters a sense of pride and ownership within our school community.


As we embark on this artistic journey, students are invited to submit their mural designs (see below) inspired by the feedback gathered from over 200 peers through surveys.

The chosen designs will not only receive recognition but also a $50 gift card to a local art supply store. With a timeline encompassing design submissions, student voting, fundraising efforts, collaboration with professional muralists, and student-led painting parties, we aim to unveil the completed mural in May 2024.


Join us in shaping the visual identity of our school and creating a lasting legacy that celebrates the creativity and talent within Durango High School. Together, let's turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece that speaks to the heart of our community.

  • Landscape and nature

  • Simple design

  • School Spirit

  • Natural color palette (no neon)

  • Realistic and not pop-art

  • No inspirational quotes

Student Design

Submission Requirements

How to Submit

Send an Email to Interact Club
Subject Line: "DHS Restroom Project Submission - [Your Name]."

​Important Dates:

  • Design Submission Deadline: 2/23/24

  • Student Body Voting Period: 3/05/24

Questions or submissions can be emailed to: &

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