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Workshops Help to Bring Tech to Everyone

Have you ever wanted to learn about the newest innovations in tech or simply to just catch up with the ever-evolving tech world? The Futures Fund is now offering Workshops for youth and adults to expose and encourage the exploration of tech and its related careers.

Coding Dean Teressa Calligan teaches a workshop on Idea Development

Futures Fund has been introducing Tech skills to youth and adults since 2016, educating over 3,500 trainees on how to code for the web or in digital photography. As the program expanded, an emerging path became clear. One-off or scaffolded workshops presented the best opportunity to allow for more exposure to the vast opportunities that tech and creative careers bring.

What started as our JOLTcon event, a youth conference aimed at jolting teens into the future of the workforce has evolved into a series of events including the Hack-A-Thon Training event and the Break N2 Tech series. Our workshops help those interested navigate everything from soft skills like Project Management to hard skills like Idea Development and Pitching.

Through the workshops, instructors can showcase their specialties, like cybersecurity for Futures Fund Dean of Coding, Teressa Calligan. Teressa emphasizes this by showcasing the following information,

Cybersecurity is impactful to every industry nationwide, and I'm excited to be able to introduce Cybersecurity from a business-perspective to consumer-protection. Learn about Cybersecurity Today!

You can learn more about our free workshops and when they are available by going here and registering! Workshops are available virtually, in Baton Rouge, LA, or in Dallas, TX.

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