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Futures Fund Workshops Series: Break N2 Tech

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Have you ever been curious about how the next few years are going to be as we become more and more digital? The COVID pandemic created a hyper-sped movement towards technology advancements, showcasing the need for consistent and reliable virtual movement. But as the job market continues to fluctuate, how can anyone predict what is a skill worth investing into?

What careers were once pitched by school counselors 20 years ago as a career path may already be slowing down, if not already dormant. So many are trying to become "future-proof" whether they are aware of the need or not.

The Futures Fund is hosting a pilot workshop in Dallas on October 19 on Employment in the 21st Century. This workshop is a part of a series that continues to build on the importance of being tech savvy in any career path going forward.

Additional workshops will be piloted throughout the Winter in Dallas, so be on the look out for more dates and opportunities!

These workshops have been made possible by the support from The Moozie Foundation, Santander Consumer USA Foundation, United Way Metro Dallas, and State Fair of Texas.

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