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Futures Fund Hack-A-Thon Training Event 2023

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Instructor and Dean of Coding Teressa Calligan helps teen learn a new decision making strategy.

Saturdays are often reserved for a time to relax, enjoy family and friends, and get ready for the week ahead. On March 11th, an atypical Saturday was presented to teens in Baton Rouge to discover the skills to prepare for the upcoming Hack-A-Thon competition happening at JOLTcon on April 22nd.

At Southern University's T.T. Allain School of Business, instructors from The Futures Fund introduced key skills to the participants in preparation for the upcoming Hack-A-Thon competition. This workshop series aimed to introduce youth to the world of tech, app development, and the future workforce. Additionally, these workshops are easily translatable to anyone interested in starting a new brand, business, or idea. Four workshops, hosted by the Futures Fund instructors, covered:

  • Building an App Idea into a Pitch

  • Creating a Brand Identity on Canva

  • Project Management for Individuals & Teams

  • Creating a wireframe for an App or Website

Over 50 bright young minds were excited to learn these skills and translate them to their own concepts as well as the future competition. Many attending spoke about their ambitions to launch businesses and become entrepreneurs of the future.

The Hack-A-Thon competition will be focused on teens designing app solutions to solve one of two prompts for a grand prize:

  • Better communication between friends

  • Melding social media and music discovery

This competition will be judged at the end of JOLTcon, a teen empowerment conference hosted by The Futures Fund every year. This will be the first in-person JOLTcon as COVID lockdowns canceled the first year in 2020 and made the recurring years virtual only.

JOLTcon is an exciting opportunity for any EBR and surrounding areas youth to either participate in the Hack-A-Thon competition. To learn more, please visit the JOLTcon page here.


JOLTcon is made possible through sponsorships from

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