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Tech Academy Fall Check-in: The Future of Futures Fund

Similar to the quick pace of technology innovations, things move fast in the Futures Fund program. In just the blink of an eye, we’ve wrapped up our fall coding boot camp semester and soon will be closing out this session of Tech Academy.

In this cold, cozy, reflective season, let’s take a moment to reflect on what’s been happening in the Futures Fund and get a look at what’s to come. Futures Fund Program Director Dominique Dallas shares the inside scoop below.

Save the date: upcoming tech events

The Tech Academy is hosting a “Bring your friend to tech” Day this Saturday, November 19 on Southern’s campus. It is a great way for students to show off what they have done so far and bring their friends to get them involved, too.

In a few weeks, the Tech Academy will also have its Capstone– on December 3. This will be the culminating event to close out the semester of exciting learning!

Food for thought: Technology + agriculture = potential solutions for food insecurity?

Agritech is agriculture technology, which is using technological innovations to increase agricultural efficiency. Agritech is growing as organizations are finding ways to use technology, such as augmented reality, to optimize the land for farming, gardening, and foraging.

Optimizing agritech could play a huge role in AgriScience courses in high school and at the college level. We are excited about the regenerative possibilities with augmented reality to address food insecurity in Baton Rouge and around the world.

Futures Fund is demystifying the tech space

Many students conquered their fears of coding. They demystified the common repellant of the tech space– “it’s hard,” “it’s not for me,” “I’m not smart enough.”

The truth is anyone can enter the space. Many companies and organizations are recognizing imposter syndrome as the biggest barrier to entry and creating pathways that equitably increase accessibility. FF plans to continue to perpetuate the AHA moment through CBC and the Tech Academy.

New tech workshops loading…

People can expect more workshops geared towards breaking into the tech space and sharpening their tech skills. There will be more opportunities for students in the summer as well as a revamped curriculum towards Full-Stack Development pioneered in the fall.

If you want to develop coding or photography skills, it’s not too late. Register now for the Spring Semester of Coding Boot Camp or Tech Academy.

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