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Break N2 Tech

Adults 18 or Older
Break N2 Tech allows individuals to get the career technology skills needed to become part of the online economy and remote workforce through workshops and virtual courses.

Web Development Beginner
Spring 2024 Dates

Virtually Tuesday & Thursdays • 6 - 8 PM

FEB 20 Orientation 

FEB 22 Week 1

FEB 27 & FEB 29 Week 2

MAR 05 & MAR 07 Week 3

MAR 12 & MAR 14 Week 4

MAR 19 & MAR 21 Week 5

MAR 26 & MAR 28 Week 6

APR 02 & APR 04 Week 7

APR 09 & APR 11 Week 8

APR 16 & APR 18 Week 9

APR 23 & APR 25 Week 10

APR 30 Capstone

Program Costs

The total cost of The Futures Fund training program is $7500. The program can be completed in three semesters at $2500 per level/semester. Family households that meet low to moderate-income limits qualify to attend The Futures Fund at no cost with the support of grants and organizations. 

96% of Applicants receive scholarships for the full tuition. 



Web Development Beginner

Dive into the basic building blocks of content and structure. Finish your 3 month semester with a complete portfolio piece of a simple website.

Web Development Advanced

Elevate your skills to add functionality and flair to your site. Finish your 3 month semester with a complete portfolio piece of a complex website.


BREAK N2 Tech Workshops

No upcoming events at the moment

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