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28 Black artists to support in Louisiana

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Louisiana is rich in culture because it is rich in creatives. Many of the most notable artworks, experiences, music, and creations originate from Black artists. While we could have shared a lengthy list of some of the most notable Black figures in history, this Black History Month, we want to highlight some of today’s Black creatives who are historical figures in the making right here in Louisiana. Here are 28 Black Louisiana artists to support this month and beyond. Click the links throughout the article to learn more about each artist.

Art Soul Life is a Baton Rouge multimedia artist who makes bold, colorful, and funky wooden art such as wooden record players and cassette tapes, paintings on wood, and groovy, pop-art style designs.

Chloe Marie photographed during a performance

Chloe Marie is almost always performing. She is the lead singer for Baton Rouge band Alabaster Stag, played “Sally Bowles” in Little Town Theater’s 2022 Cabaret, and was part of The Victory Belles of The World War II Museum. Her harmonic and timeless voice brings her to stages across Louisiana.

Damien Mitchell is a Baton Rouge designer and maker who specializes in making leather goods. He handcrafts minimalistic and earth-toned leather wallets, shoes, backpacks, chairs, and bags.

Erick Fields is a self-taught Baton Rouge artist who uses his portrait work to convey the strength and beauty of Black people by employing contrasting colors, geometric shapes, and text in flat digital paintings. His work has been showcased locally at Healthcare Gallery and Yes We Cannibal.

John Alleyne is a New Orleans multi-media artist. His works primarily include moody, high-contrast silkscreen prints and collages featuring Black subjects. He is a member of Good Children’s Gallery in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Gallery where he was the first person to have his hair cut at an art exhibition for his solo show “In Between the Skin Fade.”

"In a perfect world, I would be perfect world" by John Alleyne

Sage Edgerson aka Legatron Prime is more than a New Orleans DJ. She curates energetic experiences with consent-only dance floors safe for women, people of color, and everyone in between. She wears many hats. Outside of music, she is also a wardrobe stylist and vintage clothing collector, and seller.

Randell Henry is a Baton Rouge painter, mixed media collage artist, and former pupil of the late legendary Frank Hayden. Henry is an art legend in his own right, and well-known for his colorful collage paintings which depict scenes of everyday Black family life. According to Baton Rouge Gallery, Henry is the longest-tenured Black Artist Member since 1985.

Jonathan Brown aka Skinny Dope is a Baton Rouge artist most known for his vibrant murals and trippy designs. In December 2021, Mayor Sharon Weston Broome presented him with a Certificate of Commendation for his mural “Heart of Scotlandville” at Jewel J. Newman Community Center.

Elle Marie styled by Elle Marie and photo by Marian Gbaiwon

Elle Marie is a traveling editorial fashion stylist based in Baton Rouge. She intentionally pieces together cohesive, personalized outfits with character and unique details. She styles creative looks for fashion photoshoots, videos, film, product photoshoots, and other creative projects.

Nico Brierre Aziz is an interdisciplinary artist and curator from New Orleans. He is a current Artist-in-Residence at the prestigious Joan Mitchell Center. Aziz describes his work as “historical pop cultural assemblage,” fusing narratives and images from Black popular culture, in attempts to recontextualize the meaning and context behind those images.

Malaika Favorite is a visual artist known for her emotionally charged text, figurative paintings, and collages. Her work would be described as a celebration of nature and womanhood. In January 2022, Favorite was selected as one of the newest members of Baton Rouge Gallery’s Board of Directors.

Kristen Downing is a stand-out New Orleans painter. Through her eye-catching paintings featuring her signature colors like teal, magenta, and purple she strives to educate, inspire and increase social consciousness by telling Black stories. Her skills go beyond painting though, she is a former tattoo artist and also designs merchandise like screen-printed clothing and custom sneakers.

Bryson Boutte is a multi-faceted visual artist in New Orleans. His anime-style works are shared digitally, on murals, canvases, clothing, and accessories. He is a Walls Project muralist veteran, behind many of the most notable murals around Baton Rouge like this one and this one.

Photo by Taylor S. Hunter

Taylor Hunter is a New Orleans photographer, artist, and writer whose work is dedicated to documenting the modern-day, multifaceted woman. Through lifestyle, editorial, and product photography she creates storytelling, dynamic imagery that has an aura, feeling, and soul. Her work has been published in major publications like Vogue, Essence, and Glamour.

Jae Hale is a New Orleans videographer and owner of Blue Jae Films. With a special eye for capturing emotion and a subject’s essence, he most often films business and personal events, weddings, real estate, and other creative projects.

Graphic design by Tyronecia Moore

Tyronecia Moore is a New Orleans graphic designer, illustrator, and creative. She creates original hand-drawn and animated graphic designs at LSU, curates vintage clothing for her online and in-person vintage shop House of Sassfiend, and writes and designs relatable zines.

Shagari Jackson is an award-winning international photographer, creative, and licensed real estate agent in Baton Rouge. He is the owner of Achroma Studio and Fine Arts and Mosaic by MG. In 2022, he was selected (for the sixth year in a row) as The Knot’s Best of Weddings 2022 for his photography.

Kayla ‘Rose’ Magee is a photographer, designer, and visionary in Baton Rouge. She is the designer behind the local clothing brand Muse the Label and founder of Blueprint 77 Creative Lab, a community of creatives that provides photography, prop rentals, and fashionable streetwear.

Twajoku is a studio photographer in Baton Rouge. This Black woman photographer is the go-to spot for birthday, graduation, and business portraits. Her photos are sharp, colorful, and fresh.

Tamara Williams is a visual artist from Baton Rouge who

Photo by Tamara Williams

specializes in videography and photography. While she relocated to Chicago, the multi-skilled artist still influences the Louisiana community with her contributions to the Futures Fund Tech Academy and Let That Shit Go women’s wellness retreat.

Sasha Matthews is a natural light, family, and lifestyle photographer and owner of Green Tangerine Photography. The Baton Rouge photographer’s dreamy, velvety smooth images have been published in Essence, yahoo! and 225 Magazine.

Julien Bass is an all-around creative. His art has been showcased all over Baton Rouge. He is a clothing designer, hairstylist, painter, model, and event curator. He hosts fashion shows, dance parties, and music events.

Lango is an alternative rap music artist from Baton Rouge. He has a modern, alternative rap sound with echoey, autotuned melodies and raps that are often paired with electronic, rock, and trap sounds. He is scheduled to perform at BUKU in March.

Photo by Taylor Watson

Taylor Watson is a Baton Rouge wedding and portrait photographer. Her bright, airy photos are professional and crisp. She was a photographer and editor for The Front Steps Project, where families were photographed on their front porch or steps during the COVID lockdown.

Trinity Barriere is an emerging artist and designer based in New Orleans. Since receiving her BFA from LSU, Trinity has collaborated with Nike and Sneaker Politics. In January 2022, she was one of seven creatives to be awarded an Eternal Seeds Grant, providing support to talented BIPOC artists.

"Topside" by Trinity Barriere

Gabrielle Ledet is a New Orleans mixed media artist, focusing on painting, drawing, and video. In her work, Ledet explores themes associated with African American life and the Diaspora. She is a frequent traveler to West Africa and invites others to explore their African heritage.

Rian Allen is a professional dancer, personal trainer, and former NBA dancer for the New Orleans Pelicans. The New Orleans creative teaches private dance training, dance fitness classes and offers in-person consultations.

Marian Gbaiwon is a jack of all trades. This Baton Rouge creative is the owner of Our Treats Designs, a company that makes cakes for special occasions, films, professional videos, and photography.

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