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Reactivate BR Juneteenth Art Activations: Celebrating Community and Heritage through Art

Cultural connection through art is not a new discovery, but equal access to art in spaces is still a challenge in many neighborhoods. Through community service events, like Reactivate BR, The Walls Project combines beautification and community impact into a space to create and celebrate simutaneously. This summer, Reactivate BR brought vibrant art activations to Baton Rouge around the Juneteenth holiday, engaging community members in meaningful and creative ways. Here’s a recap of the exciting events:

June 14: BREC Late Night Hype at Gus Young Park

At Gus Young Park, community members gathered for an evening of creativity and collaboration during BREC’s Late Night Hype event. Participants provided feedback on, voted on, and helped paint two stunning murals on the back of the pool house, facing the popular basketball courts. These murals, rendered with UV-reactive paint, highlight the power of sports, particularly basketball, to unite the community. They also honor the legacy of Simone Augustus, a basketball legend who attended Capitol High School in the area.

June 19: Mural Activation at Banks Community Garden

In collaboration with Scotlandville CDC, The Walls Project facilitated a mural activation at Banks Community Garden. MYWE students had the opportunity to paint a mural on the fence line, guided by mentoring artists Bryson Boutte and Mike Weary. The students learned valuable skills in tool use, preparation, painting techniques, and paint disposal, and explored careers in public art. This hands-on experience not only beautified the garden but also empowered young artists with knowledge and inspiration.

June 22: Living Sculpture Installation during Scotland Saturdays Levitt Amped Concert Series

During the Scotland Saturdays Levitt Amped concert series, a unique living sculpture designed by Skye Erie was installed. Sherwin Williams partnered to produce color blocking on the concrete pad, transforming it into an outdoor stage. Community children participated in a living history-themed art installation, engaging with a playhouse themed after historic Black businesses that once thrived on Scotland Avenue. This interactive art piece celebrated the rich history and cultural heritage of the area, providing a space for education and play.

These Juneteenth art activations by The Walls Project not only brought colorful and inspiring artworks to public spaces but also fostered community engagement, historical awareness, and artistic education. Thank you to all the artists, partners, and community members who made these events a success.

Want to support future Reactivate BR events like our activations this Juneteenth? Click here to donate.

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