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$150,000 awarded to Walls Project from Delta Regional Authority as part of $4.6 Million Investment

“This investment will improve the quality of life and enable safer, more resilient communities for both Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District and the entire state. The funds will touch and enhance nearly every aspect of our lives – physical infrastructure, public utilities, workforce development, job training and economic development – all of which play a major role in making Louisiana’s economy more competitive.”

- Congressman Garret Graves (R-LA 6th District)

CLARKSDALE, MS – Today, the Delta Regional Authority (DRA) announced a $4,674,091 investment that will boost economic development and improve the quality of life for Louisiana communities and residents.  The 19 new investment projects will improve water and sewer systems, update transportation infrastructure, support entrepreneurship, and better healthcare access in communities across Louisiana.  The investment will be matched by $2.7 million and is projected to create or retain 690 jobs, train 602 individuals, and affect over 15,000 families.   “The Delta Regional Authority’s $4.6 million investment into 19 critical projects will strengthen economic success in Louisiana by improving vital infrastructure and creating opportunities to foster workforce development,” said DRA Federal Co-Chairman Chris Caldwell.  “These investments highlight the importance of local and regional public-private partnerships in realizing the long-term success of infrastructure, business, and workforce projects to spur job growth and ultimately improve business competitiveness in the region.  I would like to thank Governor Edwards, Senator Cassidy, Senator Kennedy, and the entire Louisiana Congressional delegation for their continued support and commitment to the Delta Regional Authority and our work to create jobs, build communities, and improve the lives of those residing in our region.” Funding for these projects is provided by the States’ Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP), which provides direct investment into community-based and regional projects to support basic public infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, workforce training and education, and small businesses development with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, and the Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF), which targets physical infrastructure projects that help build safer, more resilient communities in the Delta region.  DRA coordinates directly with the Office of the Governor for the State of Louisiana and seven local development districts in the state for program funding implementation. “DRA’s investment will improve basic public infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, healthcare access, and job training to support economic development in communities across Louisiana.”

- Governor John Bel Edwards

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