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Walls Project Brings Awareness to Baton Rouge’s Need for More Educational Access

Mural mockup on Stand for Children building
Stand for Children Mural Mockup by artists Geeta Dave and Brent Houzenga

BATON ROUGE, LA – Starting off 2022, The Walls Project is fundraising for a public art mural to highlight the way education in its many forms can elevate individuals out of poverty. The mural hopes to illuminate the importance of education access by covering an entire building with the markers of a robust education system unburdened by the constraints of systemic economic inequity.

Taking place on the Stand for Children building in Downtown Baton Rouge and co-sponsored by La Capitale (LA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, the mural is poised to set conversations around what defines education and what are the barriers to learning. With education in mind, this mural marks The Walls Project's first Artist Apprenticeship model with skilled artist Geeta Dave and Brent Houzenga’s designs being utilized by burgeoning muralists Denise and Desiree Verrett. The talented duo will produce the designs in collaboration with the senior artists in two phases, starting with the Brent Houzenga design in late January and ending with the Geeta Dave design in early April.

The complexity of Geeta Dave's design outlines the multitude of services that a school can provide while the hopeful simplicity of a bright future, depicted by Brent Houzenga, showcases a path forward for communities utilizing our educational system to lift themselves out of poverty.

This mural is a part of a series of murals from Walls’ OneRouge project, where funds raised help not only pay for artist and mural costs but also help fund the programs of the Walls Project that work to help reduce the barriers of poverty through food access and workforce development.

To donate towards this project, go to

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