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Utilizing Art for a Cause

In celebration of Juneteenth, artist Emily LaCour felt impassioned to sell a meaningful piece and donate proceeds to our organization to help continue our work in Baton Rouge. Emily, a talented oil painter, currently explores expression through figurative abstracts, focusing on movement and color to convey an experience. You can see more of Emily's works on her Instagram or website.

I’ve held onto this piece since 2015, and in celebration of Juneteenth, I’m doing the following. This is a painting of one of the beds in the slave quarters at the Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge. When I moved back, I felt compelled to sit with these spaces. We used to landscape paint out there for class and these structures were blobs of paint in the distance—overlooked and ignored. These quiet spaces held so much—and most importantly, they held tired and oppressed people.

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