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To Help and Harvest: Meet Hannah Wascomb, Farm Manager

As Baton Roots grew, so did the need for passionate and talented individuals to help run it. Baton Roots was fortunate to find Hannah Wascomb, a gardening enthusiast with a bend toward community togetherness, to manage the largest site, BREC Howell Park.

Hannah began her journey with plants from a young age. She was raised by parents who were passionate about nature, hiking, flowers, and maintaining their personal yard. It was when the pandemic hit that Hannah began exploring her own green thumb. She quickly realized she had a love and excitement for vegetables and other edible plants.

Hannah felt a calling to return back to the non-profit sector and found the perfect opportunity with Baton Roots. With this program, Hannah has been able to combine both her desires to help and harvest.

I have learned tremendous amounts since joining Baton Roots and specifically working at Howell Park Farm. I am an urban farmer because I love it and I love the community.

- Hannah Wascomb, Baton Roots at BREC Howell Park Farm Manager

Through her work with Baton Roots, Hannah has been introduced to community members who inspire her to continue working hard so those without food access can have the ability to eat healthy no matter their economic barriers.

You can visit Hannah and the other Baton Roots staff, learn more about urban farming and harvest during our volunteer events.

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