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Yearlong Support of Baton Rouge African American Museum Relaunch

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

The Walls Project is proud to reflect upon a year-long partnership with the Baton Rouge African American Museum (formerly the Odell S. Williams Now and Then African American Museum), dedicated to honoring the late Sadie Roberts-Joseph. This extraordinary collaboration allowed us to contribute to the community through education, cultural celebration, and beautification efforts.

BRAAM Benefit Concert

Our journey with the Baton Rouge African American Museum began with the BRAAM Benefit Concert, held at Chelsea's Live. This fundraising event brought together the local Black culture, featuring music, visual arts, and poetry. The funds raised during this event, which matched the LPG grant, provided vital support for the museum's new location branding and allowed the museum staff to speak truth to the legacy they are preserving.

We extended our engagement by cohosting the volunteer caravan on Juneteenth, assisting in moving artifacts into the museum. This effort highlighted the importance of community involvement and cultural preservation while ceremoniously bringing the community together to shepherd the artifacts into their new home.

Arts & Cultural Tent at BR Juneteenth 2023

The Walls Project proudly staffed the Arts & Cultural tent during the BR Juneteenth 2023 celebration. Two local emerging artists, Bryson Boutte, and Darrione Ellis, engaged with patrons, offering healing arts prompts and creating a collaborative community mural that celebrated our rich cultural heritage.

Additionally, we co-facilitated an enlightening artist talk during BR Juneteenth 2023. Black culture keepers Wayne "Dang" Jones, Keith "Cartoonman" Davis, and Randall Henry shared their wisdom and insights into navigating success in the creative field, discussing their impact on contemporary Black art in Baton Rouge.

As part of our beautification efforts, we branded the front entrance of the new museum location with a fresh logo. This logo was brought to life by local artist and former McKinley Graduate, Amos "AB" Brown, and senior artist Skinny Dope.

We also facilitated a mural production workshop with creator Antoine "Ghost" Mitchell and artist and OSBR native Wayne "Dane" Jones. This workshop involved co-facilitating the SU Lab School students' production of the signature Ms. Sadie mural. Students learned about composition, lighting, shading, and blending techniques from these experienced creators, further enriching our community's art foundation.

The Walls Project is honored to have played a role in preserving and celebrating the legacy of Sadie Roberts-Joseph and contributing to the Baton Rouge African American Museum's mission. Our commitment to community engagement and cultural celebration remains unwavering.

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