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OneRouge Coalition Meetings Summary

In the third week of May 2023, OneRouge hosted two in-person coalition-building meetings at the EBR Main Library on Goodwood Blvd, continuing the development of collaboration and knowledge-sharing between organizations across government, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors.

Education to Career Coalition Meeting

On Tuesday, May 16, OneRouge greeted nearly 50 participants eager to get working on the newly launched Education to Career (E2C) Coalition.

Co-chairs Adonica Duggan, Dustin LaFont, and Tonnisha Ellis headed the tables for discussions around the four working groups:

  1. Schools as community hubs/centers

  2. Equity/Access

  3. Bridging the gap: education and industry - networking

  4. Community Outreach (Events)

These conversations were insightful as they helped craft some of the initial focuses of the working groups. To see the full notes, please read them here.

Capital Area Food Equity (CAFÉ) Coalition Meeting

On Wednesday, May 17, CAFÉ convened in person for the first time ever since forming in 2020. Having gathered every month since 2020, CAFÉ is further along in the coalition-building process (guided by Collective Impact 3.0), so work continued to begin building the network of resources and knowledge.

At the meeting, OneRouge hosted a Needs and Offers activity, looking to identify what gaps exist in the assets captured and what support exists. This activity helped illuminate some important aspects the coalition must consider, primarily the continued need for up-to-date asset mapping that is accessible to service providers and residents.

You can read more about the May CAFÉ Meeting here.

Transportation & Mobility (T&M) Coalition Meeting

On May 25th, the inaugural meeting began the first step forward for the Transportation & Mobility Coalition. The Transportation & Social Mobility (T&M) Coalition is focused on increasing access to safe and reliable methods of mobility.

Co-chairs for Transportation & Mobility Tina Ufford and Cheri Soileau and OneRouge leader Raymond Jetson opened the conversation by asking new coalition members to review the Aspirational Statement of the new coalition: Inclusive, accessible, and progressive mobility options for the present and future of our entire community. This activity guides the confirmation of the aspirational statement as well as sparks the formation of the working groups as conceptual gaps and opportunities begin to be defined.

If you would like to join either coalition, please click here to register.

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