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Mural Arts and Placemaking: Creating and Uniting Through Beautification

The Walls Project's Mural Arts and Placemaking initiatives have been making a big impact in the past year, beautifying various areas of Baton Rouge and promoting a sense of connectivity and community pride.

In the past year, we completed eight major mural projects, including three murals in partnership with BREC, Baton Rouge Rotary Club, and the National Endowment of the Arts. We also led several public placemaking installations, including the creation of a community art wall at the Baton Root Community Farm location at BREC Howell Park.

Our efforts in mural arts and placemaking have not only made a significant impact on the physical appearance of the city, but have also created opportunities for community members to come together and work towards a common goal. By engaging with local artists and partnering with community organizations, we have been able to create unique and vibrant public spaces that reflect the diversity and creativity of Baton Rouge.

Moving forward, we remain committed to promoting public art and placemaking initiatives that help create safe, healthy, and prosperous environments for all community members. We believe that by investing in the physical and cultural landscape of our city, we can foster a greater sense of community and pride among its residents.


  • Installment at LA Key Academy

  • Three murals in celebration of BREC 75th Anniversary

  • Collaborative mural with Southern University and LSU prior to football match.

  • Mural at the Northdale Superintendents Academy

  • Community mural at the Baton Roots Community Garden at BREC Howell Park

  • Mural at BREC Reames Park

  • Mural at Groworking Space - Rep Cap

  • Over 12 mural project in motion needing financial support

Click here to learn more about the mural arts and placemaking program.

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