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Mural 125 - #ONEROUGE Drawing the Line

Drawing the Line

by Bryson Boutte

Despite having to pause midway through for social distancing, Bryson Boutte quickly picked back up to finish the mural. This triptych brightens 1116 S.14th Street with a vibrant message on social equity and resiliency, circling access to homeownership.

"This piece felt like it had a power of its own, pulling me to finish it everyday. Then George Floyd was murdered and America's magnifying glass went to issues that have effected citizens for decades. I feel like this piece is a reminder of where we came from, and the type of action they took to install a strong community.”

- Bryson Boutte, Artist

"Drawing the Line" is the third mural in the#ONEROUGE campaign, aimed at igniting discussion and action for the reasons behind the driver of poverty - Lack of homeownership and escalating rental costs. 

To elevate the great work already being done to dismantle this driver, Walls Project partnered with Kimble Properties and Partners Southeast. Both organizations work tirelessly to continue driving access to homeownership for everyone.

We believe art is vital component in the revitalization of this neighborhood.  We look forward to building a long term working relationship with Casey and his team at the Walls Project as we continue on our journey of adding value to both the People and the buildings in Old South Baton Rouge.  

- Anthony Kimble, Kimble Properties

Kimble Properties Team: Anthony Kimble, Ariel Brown, and Tevin Wade.

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