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Moozie Foundation helps catalyze Walls in Dallas, TX

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Executive Director Casey Phillips accepts check from Lynn Fisher of the Moozie Foundation and Vice President at The Rosewood Foundation

Expanding The Walls Project into Dallas has been a long-term endeavor since 2019 for the organization. Along the way Walls has developed relationships with many like-minded programs and partners, such as The City of Dallas, United Way of Metro Dallas, Matthews Southwest, Urban Specialists, and the BT Foundry.

To build on this momentum and truly catalyze The Walls' place in Dallas, The Moozie Foundation granted $20,000 to support setting up our program operations in DFW. This is a huge step forward in providing Walls services such as The Futures Fund to the Dallas community and eliminating the drivers of poverty while building culture and inclusion.

This generous gift helps expedite our workforce training, creative placemaking, and blight remediation efforts in the Southern Dallas sector and launch our intergenerational technology and creative industry workforce training programs.


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