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Expanding Walls with Praxair Support

Continuing The Walls Project momentum of expanding in response to the economic effects of

COVID-19, Praxair contributed $2,500 towards The Walls Project's programs.

More from Praxair:

Caring is something with which Chris Schilling can agree. An instrumentation & electrical technician for Linde’s Geismar facility near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Schilling became intrigued by a local project gaining widespread attention during the holiday weekend honoring Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The Walls Project started with efforts to invigorate blighted neighborhoods with brightly colored murals.  As the organization has evolved, the projects have expanded to painting and light yard work, as well as workforce training initiatives for community members.  Schilling organized Linde volunteers hopes to grow participation, with opportunities for our local technical teams to volunteer with local scholarship recipients. 

For Schilling, the Walls Project breaks down walls and invigorates a sense of community among area residents who live in various parts of the area. It’s all a part of being a good neighbor.

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