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Education to Career Coalition Launch for OneRouge

Dustin LaFont and Adonica Duggan introduce the new coalition to members on 4.21.23

On May 16th, the inaugural meeting began the first step forward for the Education to Career (E2C) Coalition. Focused on creating a bridge between education to employment, this coalition is being spearheaded by educational and workforce leaders Adonica Pelichet Duggan, Trey Godfrey, Dustin LaFont, and Tonnisha Ellis.

In the vision, education is a never-ceasing opportunity for people of all ages to advance themselves in the pursuit of success and prosperity. By creating a coalition of practitioners, funders, and policymakers, E2C aspires to create a more accessible pipeline of access to education and work opportunities for everyone in the Greater Baton Rouge community and beyond.

Education to Career (E2C) Aspirational statement

Build a culture of quality instruction, lifelong learning, and equitable access to opportunity that make success and prosperity inevitable

This aspirational statement works to unite the coalition to a common north star. With Collective Impact 3.0, the coalition will work cross-sector between education, nonprofit, government, secondary schools, workforce development, and private sectors to address the needs and opportunities in the lifelong pursuit of learning.

Education to Career (E2C) Goals

  • Create a culture that values literacy and increases literacy rates.

  • Increase equitable access to safe learning spaces that encourage joy for learning at any level

  • Expand awareness and access to early childhood education

  • Increase opportunities for continuous learning

With the goals, four working groups are formed: Equity/Access (in access to jobs & education), Schools as community hubs/centers, Bridging the gap: education and industry, and Community Outreach (Events).

Sign up for future coalition meetings or other coalitions in OneRouge, click here.

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