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Drawing the Line Live Painting

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

"Drawing the Line" by Bryson Boutte

Local artist, Bryson Boutte, began the third mural in the #OneRouge series. This crowdsourced mural, nestled in Old South Baton Rouge, represents the driver of poverty “Lack of homeownership and escalating rental costs,” as well as Old South’s rich past and potential future. Work began in March after partnering with Kimble Properties, Partners Southeast, and The American Heart Association.

During production, Bryson live-streamed his progress of the mural on Facebook. Although paused, for now, the progress of this mural will resume once the state has lifted its stay-at-home order.

Want to help support the mural's completion? Donate now!


“In correlation with the #OneRouge project, [the mural] hones in on the lack of homeownership and the rising rental cost that many residents of the city are facing… [as well as] the future and what investment could transform the area too, repurposing the buildings of old to house businesses that can bring economic independence.” 

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