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With Rotary Club grant, Baton Roots moves forward with increasing healthy food access in north Baton

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Ever since the first community garden in north Baton Rouge launched in January 2019, Baton Roots has provided programming and fresh produce to those in need of healthy food.

After receiving a $7,500 grant from The Rotary Club in Baton Rouge, the community farm will continue its efforts to bridge the gap between healthy food and disenfranchised communities in Baton Rouge, specifically ones in the 70805, 70807, 70811, 70812, and 70802 zip codes.

For several years, part of the North Baton Rouge community has been designated a “food desert,” and the coronavirus pandemic has made the situation worse. In East Baton Rouge Parish, 17% of the population lives in an area of low access to a grocery store. The national average is 8%.

The Walls Project has since taken steps to wrangle the issue by creating the now four-acre community farm on Winbourne Avenue at Howell Park.

Some of the farm’s programs include Hustle & Grow, a training program that connects youth to workforce development in agriculture, and the Harmony Garden, a space that welcomes all ages, from elementary students to the elderly, to a community space to learn and grow.

In addition to the Rotary Club, other organizations have committed to supporting Baton Roots, including NEA Our Town, BRAF, Healthy Blue, Cox Communications, and Sprouts Neighborhood, and Aetna/CVS.

The community farm works closely with Mayor-President Broome’s HealthyBR initiative, LSU Ag, Southern Ag, Louisiana 4-H, and BR Green where expert knowledge is shared and the community gives input on the project.

Want to find out how to support The Walls Project? Consider sending a donation, or get involved by signing for one of our events.

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