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Walls Plus One: Exploring New Mediums

In the spring of 2022, The Walls Project launched the Walls Plus One podcast. The purpose of the podcast is to spread awareness about the issues in our community as well as spread the word about those people and organizations working to make this a better place to live and work.

Our host is Samantha Morgan. She joined The Walls Project in September 2021 after ending her 20-year career in traditional media. Over the course of said career, she specialized in digital media content production, which is a fancy way of saying she can create just about anything needed to help tell a story.

So far two seasons have been produced. All of the guests on the first season are nonprofit warriors. We say "warrior" because this work often feels like a battlefield. They take on some big topics, and the connecting thread to all of them is poverty.

As an organization, The Walls Project seeks to create programs that disrupt the systems of poverty, so these conversations were very familiar. In season two, we dig a little deeper with a specific focus on the climate crisis.

We hope to continue producing content that will enlighten and unite our community. But to do that, we need your help. When you make a donation to 225Gives, you're helping support the creation of content on our podcast, and our website as well. Give some of the episodes a listen and tell us that you support the work we're doing by giving a donation.

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