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Veterans, we want YOU to join our Coding Boot Camp

Remember that “I Want You” poster that recruited men into the military for World War Two? Well, consider this our request to join our Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp. We want to “enlist” veterans into our boot camp to gain coding and computer skills that can last a lifetime.

Coding Boot Camp is an integrational training program that can help anyone get the career technology skills needed to become part of the online economy and remote workforce in about six months. The program offers three levels of curriculum to learn basic-to-advanced skills to build websites with the coding languages of HTML, CSS, and introductory JavaScript.

We spoke with army veteran Captain Ruth Corfah to find out why coding and computer skills are important for veterans and others.

“So much of the workforce relies on technology and systems that utilize or are enhanced exponentially by the integration of technology,” Corfah says. “For veterans entering the workforce, a sustainable skill set would be the application and working knowledge of coding and computer skills. Enabling Veterans an opportunity to continue to add value to a global and domestic infrastructure that military service ensures and defends is a positive step toward reciprocity in a service where death is the ultimate sacrifice.”

We are always recruiting new veterans for our program. Register today. Worried about affording the boot camp? No worries. We can assist you! Contact us with any questions.

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