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Coding Boot Camp

With a surge in low-skill worker unemployment, the time is now to up-skill un(der)employed residents of Louisiana for the jobs of the future. The Futures Fund's intergenerational training program, Coding Boot Camp, can help anyone get the career technology skills needed to become part of the online economy and remote workforce in 6 months. 


Coding for the Web

Levels I, II, III

Coding for the Web (Front-end Web Development) offers 3 levels of curriculum to learn basic-to-advance skills to build websites with the coding languages of HTML, CSS, and introductory JavaScript.

Program Costs

The total cost of The Futures Fund training program is $7500. The program can be completed in three semesters at $2500 per level/semester. Family households that meet low to moderate-income limits qualify to attend The Futures Fund at no cost with the support of grants and organizations below:

Supporters of Coding Boot Camp


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