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Three urban and community farms with art you should know

Urban and community farms are growing in popularity. Communities all around the world are taking back their power and growing their own food. While some farms may appear to be rows and rows of greenery, no farm is the same.

Some farms are starting to incorporate art into their green spaces. This helps to beautify the farms, inspire the people who frequent them, and showcase local creatives. As Baton Roots continues its expansion and releases its plans to add art to the Baton Roots farms, we want to take a moment to highlight other farms brightening their spaces with art. Here are three urban and community farms you should know about.

Farm Arts Collective: This Pennsylvania-based collective is a blend of all things great: plants, art, and performance. Farm Arts Collective is an Agri-Cultural hub where art and performance intersect with agrarian and ecological ideas. The collective is based in a large greenhouse centrally located at Willow Wisp Organic Farm, a solar-powered organic vegetable farm serving northeast Pennsylvania, the Catskills, and New York City. The collective presents workshops, performances, meals, and special events that engage community members in education and creative practice that deepens the connection to place and each other.

Grow Greater Englewood: Grow Greater Englewood is a social enterprise based in Chicago that works with residents and developers to create sustainable food economies and green businesses to empower residents to create wellness and wealth. Established in 2014, the community farm includes artistic touches such as a hair pick sculpture and murals. The social enterprise focuses mainly on wealth-building, community engagement, advocacy, and fighting for legislative agendas and public policy that lead to greater democratic participation for local residents, equity, a reduction in the harm caused by segregation, and anti-Black racism, unemployment, and health concerns.

River Queen Greens: This New Orleans-based certified naturally grown vegetable farm sprouts greens and other produce at two sites: a half-acre urban farm in the Bywater that focuses on salad greens, herbs, and microgreens, and a larger property in Lower Coast Algiers (New Orleans' West Bank). The woman-owned farm grows vegetables primarily for home cooks and is dedicated to sustainable land stewardship and the proliferation of local agriculture. The Bywater farm has two vibrant and mystical murals by local artists that bring the space to light. See them here.

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