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The Family Futurist

This fall, Walls Project welcomed Janel Washington as the new Futures Fund Program Coordinator. Janel's motivation stems from a desire to elevate the whole family, an aspect she has based her career around. "I am a resilient advocate of the belief that building strong, healthy, and stable families, as the key to holistic equitable community development," Janel explains.

Working at the Jewel J. Newman Community Center in North Baton Rouge, Janel was able to lead youth during the summer and help with adults and seniors year-round. Her well-rounded experience placed her in a perfect position for Futures Fund's newest endeavor, expanding our programming to train out-of-school youth, veterans and adults in tech.

As a mother, wife, sister, and daughter, Janel is driven to see a better future for all members of the family, understanding first-hand the impact of a family unit (traditional or otherwise). She is motivated to work alongside community partners to raise opportunities and break barriers surrounding families emerging out of poverty.

"It is with great pleasure, that I congratulate your organization on the gaining Janel Washington as your Program Coordinator.  During her tenure with our organization, Janel adapted easily to various situations and brought a balanced approach to multiple projects simultaneously. She has proven to be a self-motivated, community-oriented, and visionary-leader. I know she will bring that same energy to your organization."

- Councilwoman Chauna Banks, Metropolitan Council-District 2

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