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Running for Solutions

Laura Siu resting from a run in front of the Baton Rouge State Capital.
Laura Siu Nguyen running in Downtown Baton Rouge.

Running in the July summer heat requires a lot of dedication and motivation. So when running for her 10K, Laura Siu Nguyen chose put her miles toward supporting our programs like Futures Fund.

"I chose the Walls Project because of the impact that they have with the community as a whole, and what they teach our youth through the Futures Fund. I learned about the Futures Fund through Casey, and I volunteered in the MLK Day with New Schools for Baton Rouge. I love the mission and I love what they do for our city."

Laura, like many locals, loves the community she lives in, but is excited about changing Baton Rouge,

"I am looking forward to [seeing] more open conversation about race and equality in our city, more effort into improving our public education in Baton Rouge, and more people to address the issues that are affecting our community as a whole."

Although she loves running, Laura is just as passionate about education and access. The programs of the Walls Project really spoke to her, "It is so phenomenal that the program is teaching about sustainable urban agriculture and the impact of food access in our city."

Laura's first experience with the Walls Project was the collaboration with New Schools for Baton Rouge for the #ONEROUGE Barrier Poverty: Education for All. She states, "It was very empowering to see young students express about the issues facing our city through art."

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