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OneRouge Friday Community Check-In (Week 90)

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in EBR, The Walls Project has been hosting weekly video calls with leaders of nonprofits, foundations, city government, and local businesses from a

cross the parish. The intention of these weekly community check-ins is to share information and resources to help the Baton Rouge community respond and recover from the pandemic. Weekly topics range from access to basic needs such as food, medical care, and safety to thought-leaders' insights on equitable opportunities for youth enrichment, nonprofit financial solvency, surge in unemployment, and the disproportionate impact on impoverished neighborhoods in regards to accessing fresh food.


OneRouge Coalitions Officially Announced

Meeting Notes Prepared by Samantha Morgan (Walls Project)

After two years of building the OneRouge community together with you all on Friday our partners at MetroMorphosis and the Walls team shared the process and structure of the 9 Drivers of Poverty coalitions.

The leadership council includes the following individuals:

Adonica Duggan (Co-Chair, Education Coalition)

Jan Ross (Co-Chair, Food Insecurity Coalition)

Rev. Alexis Anderson (Co-Chair, Transportation & Social Mobility Coalition)

Along with information about the coalition, we included ways YOU can get involved and engage with the work.

CLICK HERE to apply to be part of the Leadership Council

Together the OneRouge Coalition (ORC) will create an inclusive community culture in our community that leads to equitable opportunity for all and demonstrates that everyone's voices, beliefs, and experiences are valued.


Listen to the testimonials from those who have attended and benefitted from the OneRouge Coalition.


Zoom Chat

Community Announcements

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