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New South Dallas Community Investment made by Santander Consumer USA Foundation

Tackling social and racial justice and inequity is rarely accomplished through a

single initiative. Addressing these items takes a holistic approach, which is why Santander Consumer USA Foundation was drawn to the work The Walls Project does and generously contributed $100,000 towards this community development organization‘s efforts.

Santander‘s commitment to the Dallas community will accelerate the Walls‘ technology training, youth digital arts mentorship, and adult coding apprenticeship efforts to break through the educational and social barriers by imparting specialized knowledge, and career advancement opportunities.

Additionally, the Santander partnership will be a key component in the Walls‘ community revitalization, blight remediation, and creative placemaking work in the Southern Dallas Sector to improve the safety, health, and well-being of ALL citizens.

The Walls Project has been contributing to Dallas placemaking and community cleanups and revitalization in Fair Park, The Cedars, and Five Mile by working with Matthews Southwest, Urban Specialists, the City of Dallas, Cella Arts, Big Thought, TACA, and Urban Land Development Institute during their annual MLK Festival of Service and Juneteenth community celebrations.

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