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The Futures Fund Ramps Up for Another Impactful Semester

While summer is usually a time for breaks and relaxing, the Futures Fund has been busy at work gearing up for the upcoming fall semester for both the Coding Boot Camp and Tech Academy.

A lot of the work that goes into a program like the Futures Fund is not only making sure the curriculum is top-notch but making sure it is exciting and relatable.

"What was the most fun about Futures Fund, or more specific in the coding, is learning how to build a website, but also using the information given and figuring out a website and [its] code on my own." -Kevin N., Tech Academy Trainee

Helping make all this possible are funders like the Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation, among many others. With support, we are able to continue with curriculum advancements (NEW CURRICULUM UPDATES HAPPENING SOON!), creating a fun and inviting atmosphere with our Culture Club, as well as offering more opportunities for youth and adults to engage with the program.

The Futures Fund program helps individuals cultivate their passion into a learning opportunity. Youth and adults are encouraged throughout the program to discover their “voice” and passions. Investing in themselves, often for the first time, allows for confidence-building beyond just learning new skills.

While the curriculum covers Coding for the Web, graduates leave with more than a certification and an understanding of tech. They are on a pathway to growing themselves as talented and confident individuals in the workforce.

The Futures Fund is recruiting for its Fall Semester, click here for youth Tech Academy and click here for the adult Coding Boot Camp.

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