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Education for All Mural Phase 1 Started!

As spring warms up, the Downtown Baton Rouge offices of Stand for Children are receiving the beginnings of a mural to showcase the need for Educational Access. Twin muralists, Desiree and Denise Verrett are working as apprentices under seasoned artist Geeta Dave in creating this large, full-coverage mural.

Based on the 9 Drivers of Poverty, this mural was made possible by the support of La Capitale (LA) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, and individual donors. Funds are still being raised for the mural, which includes a listing on the mural as well as a personal invite to the unveiling later this Spring. Click here to contribute.

What did you enjoy most about working on this mural?

Desiree and Denise: On Feb 19th, there was a lovely surprise of families with playful children lined along the streets, hugging the building on three sides. As if they came specifically to see us paint, children stopped to compliment our work. Some of them are artists so they offered us a helping hand. With permission from their guardian, we replied by giving them our brush and proceeded to let them experience the joy of putting paint on a wall. With guidance, they loaded paint onto the brush, and filled in a space on a pencil. I feel these encounters are the highlight of this mural because it is exactly what this whole thing stands for.

What was the message of the mural? How did the message resonate with you?

Desiree: The mural encompases the goals of Stand for Children. I feel honored to be painting for this Organization because they are asking the important questions and finding the answers that children need.

Denise: This mural will bring more attention to an amazing organization so that makes me


Describe what it's been like working on the mural. What is the process like?

Desiree: on friday, saturday, and sunday, I get to spend lovely afternoons outside painting andinteracting with creative minded people who walk by. When we arrive, we take a moment before starting to discuss the things we notice, want to change, want to add, and what we plan to have done before leaving. Then we assign rolls (i.e. you do books, I do pencils). We work quietly after we set up because we usually already know what the other is thinking. People will watch in wonder as I pass my paint brush down and she catches it without pause and cleans it for me before returning it without a word spoken.

Denise: It has been fun painting the mural. Working with Desiree is easy and makes the process flow smoothly

What do you think people should know about this mural when they view it?

Desiree: Creativity and innovativeness are important to promote in education. I think this

organization does that amazingly so I hope that when people see this mural they can start to

understand the importance of efficient education.

Denise: I hope that people see the mural and are prompted to explore the issues that Stand For Children are addressing.

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