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Capturing the Flow

Helping the unheard discover their voice is critical during such a pivotal time in our history. One of the many ways the Walls Project accomplishes that is through the Futures Fund. In this program, we teach Digital Photography to youth in Baton Rouge. Although In-Person classes are paused due to COVID, we are starting virtual webinars for existing Photography trainees.

Building the amazing webinar series is our new Dean of Photography, Tam Williams. Tam is a multi-potentialite and lover of photography, film, and music. Her focus professionally is towards jobs in the realms of Administration, Curating, & Event Management along with providing Photography and Filming services. She is a future world traveler aspiring to challenge the minds of individuals globally through splendid visuals. Whether it’s photography or filmmaking, she knows how important networking and connecting with the “right people” is in order to survive in the industry. She plans to create a platform for creators like me to be able to express themselves through their art and build a budding film career. She wants her production company to not only be a hub for connecting people but a nebula for the creation of amazing content for people who share her demographic.   

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