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Capital Area United Way awards $25,000 toward veterans in Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp

Veterans: you’re in luck. Starting a career in the technology industry just got easier.

This April, Capital Area United Way awarded Futures Fund $25,000 toward veterans in the Coding Boot Camp. Futures Fund plans to use the funds to support veterans who want to take coding courses, continue their education and start a technology career.

Veterans in the Coding Boot Camp will have the opportunity to get paid as they expand their coding knowledge. After each level of the program is complete, Walls will award a $300 stipend to the veteran. Responsibilities include finished coursework, passing tests, finished project-based learning, conducting capstone presentations, and attending the job fair. Since there are three levels of the Coding Boot Camp, each veteran can earn up to $900 in paid work experience compensation.

Once the veteran completes all of the levels, Walls Project will award them a $100 stipend to support ongoing technology pursuits. The stipend can go toward expenses such as costs associated with internet access, covering registration fees to attain industry-based certifications, and helping cover costs associated with continuing technical education at an IT training organization or local higher education. In total, the individual investments supporting veterans in training will add up to no more than $1000 per person.

With the $25,000 award, Futures Fund can help pay veterans, give them new technological skills and grant them access to new career opportunities. It’s a win-win for everyone. Click here to learn more about Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp.

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