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BREAK N2 Tech: Making Your Business Website-ready Workshop

Updated: Jun 17

Welcome to BREAK N2 Tech, the Futures Fund workshop series, where you can learn key skills related to tech and digital creativity. February's workshop focused on helping those with businesses prepare for creating a website. This part of building a website is the most overlooked, but perhaps the most critical, in being able to successfully create and deploy a results-driven website.

How Ready is Your Business to Launch a Website?

  • 0%I'm ready now!

  • 0%I could still use help...

  • 0%I am not ready at all.

Helena Williams, Director of The Futures Fund, leads her class through the stages of website preparation, including:

  • Website Goals setting

  • Target Audience defining

  • Buyer Persona building (hands-on activity in the worksheet)

  • Customer Journeys and Website Outcomes connections

  • Website-building Strategy

  • Content creation

  • Project Management Sprints

If you would like to download the presentation that is covered and the worksheets that accompany the class, please click the links below.

Making Your Business Website-ready Presentation
Download PDF • 818KB

Making Your Business Website-ready Worksheet
Download PDF • 114KB

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Need more support? We have a community for you! Join us at BREAK N2 Tech Web Development virtually every Tuesday and Thursday night beginning February 20th.

This event series was made possible through the support of organizations that want to see you advance in tech! This includes Capitol One, Huey & Angelina Wilson Foundation, Capital Area United Way, and UNUM.

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