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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana donates $1,000 toward Futures Fund

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

For the Walls Project team, every donation to the organization is special. Whether it’s from a community partner, a volunteer, or a family member, every contribution makes a difference.

Sometimes, the stories behind Walls Project contributors and donors pull at the heartstrings more than average. This month, it was Vielka Valdez. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Director of Benefit Operations won a $1,000 donation to the charity of her choice during their Team Blue Thank You Party and chose The Walls Project Futures Fund program.

“My son George Castillo used to be one of the photography instructors for the Walls Project and he would always tell me about the important work that you do in providing youth with practical training to develop new skills,” Valdez said to Walls Project. “I am glad this Blue Cross donation will help support your mission.”

Futures Fund is a tech-based program for teens and young adults founded in 2014. It offers coding and photography courses and workshops virtually and before the pandemic offered them in-person in Baton Rouge.

This isn’t the first time Blue Cross has supported Walls Project efforts. Through working with Geaux Get Healthy, one of Baton Roots' partners, Blue Cross has helped fund the maintenance and expansion of Baton Roots Community Farm. The community farm provides fresh fruits and vegetables to food deserts and educates the community about growing their own food and flowers.

Thank you, Vielka, and to the rest of the BCBS family!

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