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10 Local Artists to Shop this Holiday Season and Beyond

When you support local artists, you are supporting their craft and helping them to continue creating. This holiday season (and beyond), we encourage you to shop locally and pour into our local artist community.

The Capital Area is filled with various artists from all mediums. Here are 10 creatives you can support right now.

P.S. Want more options? Here’s a roundup of 28 local Black artists to shop.

For minimalist yet decorative pottery: Andrew Pullman Pottery

For nature-inspired paintings and wedding bouquet art: Kristen Serio

For animated graphic designs and prints: Aline Prints + Design

For colorful and whimsical abstract paintings: Courtney Miley

For cruelty-free taxidermy art made with real butterflies: Framed Findings

For stylish and functional leather goods: Damien Mitchell

For custom and Louisiana-inspired paintings: Made to Paint

For relatable poetry about loving yourself through a hard transition: Salty Lemon, a poetry book by Rachel Laymoun

For vibrant paintings with Black figures: Christopher H. King

For handmade clay earrings by a teenager: Clay Corner

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