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What’s new at Baton Roots farms this fall

There’s never a dull moment at Baton Roots.

As the temperatures begin to drop and the days become shorter, Baton Roots farmers are prepping for the new season and plan to plant plenty of delicious plants for the colder weather.

“This fall we are planting mustards, collards, turnips, lettuce, carrots and beets,” Baton Roots senior coordinator Mitchell Provensal says.

Throughout the planting process, the Baton Roots team is always looking for more hands on the farm. Locals can volunteer on Sow Good Saturdays at Howell Park or sign up on Give Pulse to volunteer throughout the week.

“We will be planting fall crops in Harmony Garden and learning about protecting fall crops from heat,” Provensal says. “We will also continue to harvest okra till the winter.”

Join the Baton Roots team on Sow Good Saturdays for gardening and cooking demos, yoga and free and affordable harvests from the farm.

Check out the fall schedule of Baton Roots upcoming events below.

Save the dates, mark your calendars and register now on Give Pulse.

Upcoming Sow Good Saturdays

September 3

October 1

November 5

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