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The Bruce Lee of Coding

Much like training in martial arts, practicing code is about dedication, perseverance, and the ability to be agile. Futures Fund Dean of Coding Quinton Jason, Jr. knows exactly the level of dedication it takes to not only learn code by to excel at it.

When he isn't training for a Tekken video game championship, Quinton is a freelance coder, taking on projects that interest him whenever and wherever he is.

Quinton Jason, Jr. started with the Futures Fund over 4 years ago as a coding instructor. Quinton truly enjoyed being a part of a culture-shifting program,

"I am very passionate about coding. He loves to build things and messing around making silly demos. I use code to bring folks together. With a focus on Accessibility, code presents the opportunity to make life better for all people."

To spread the love of coding and create a networking opportunity, Quinton started the Activate Conference, an annual event that brings in panels and speakers to highlight the continual evolution of coding, especially coding in the South.

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