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Ten-Hut! Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp Is In Session

For most adults, evenings are a time to wind down and relax for the day. But for driven adults in the Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp (CBC), they are learning tech training to not only make them more employable but to advance in the industries they are in. For the fall semester, 50 adults applied to start the training in late October.

The first cohort of the CBC pilot will continue their training straight through until finishing Level 3 in late April. Upon completion of the program, trainees may take CIW HTML/CSS and Javascript IBC certifications. After completion of the Futures Fund training, our Futures Fund program coordinator will work with graduates to continue their career pathway to an associates/undergrad degree, continue stacking certifications towards gainful employment with our advanced training partners, and/or enter into a tech apprenticeship with partners at Apprenti that results in guaranteed employment.

For the first time, due to the virtual nature of the delivery, Trainees are able to come from all over the state to gain the now crucial skills in understanding code. Many Trainees are seeking to safely up-skill so they are able to continue rising in their careers, some are looking to change jobs completely, and some are looking to broaden their value altogether.

For those wanting to participate in the next cohort in January, applications are open!

"I had a great learning experience with attentive instructors who really knew the material and made me feel confident about being able to learn how to code,"

said new trainee, Laura Bowling.

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