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Tech Training for all - Thanks Capital One!

Tech training can feel intimidating. But with Futures Fund, we are with you every step of the way, from the very beginning.

Thanks to support from Capital One and many other grants and funders, the Futures Fund tech-focused educational enrichment and workforce development program is able to train more individuals in tech, an increasingly important skill for most workplaces.

For teens in school, we offer Tech Academy on Saturdays during the school year. For adults and out-of-school youth who are looking to upskill, we offer virtual classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

To join our training boot camp, there is no pre-requisite training or knowledge needed--just be open to asking questions and practicing as much as possible. Our instructors are knowledgeable about what's relevant and currently needed in the workplace tech-wise because they're employed in the skills they are teaching and can share career advice from their personal experience.

Capital One understands how important tech access is to people. Investing in your training is one step toward closing the digital divide. Please join us for our next semester this fall!

Futures Fund is recruiting for its fall semester.

Click here for youth Tech Academy and click here for the adult Coding Boot Camp.

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