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Tech Academy Mentorship is Upgraded Through AT&T Foundation

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Futures Fund Tech Academy works to bring positive change to youth looking to build their own creative and tech voice all the while building skills to make them college- and career-ready.

Each semester after training in Coding for the Web or Digital Photography is completed, youth are invited to continue their involvement in the paid mentorship program. This pathway gives teen trainees the opportunity to thoughtfully utilize and build on the technology skills they ascertained and take concepts introduced in mentorship to a higher level. By bringing their learned tech skills to social/emotional topics, leadership styles, and self-investment, youth are able to build projects and concepts that have a greater developmental impact than if they were done without a technological background.

AT&T Foundation’s $20,000 investment in the Futures Fund mentorship and leadership development program will help with providing teens with social skills development, leadership skills, continued workshops on professional development and financial literacy, and connect them to potential career paths.

Ultimately, the mentorship program in Tech Academy helps poise teens graduate high school with a greater sense of self and motivates them to bring that empowerment into the 21st-century workforce.

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