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Staying Committed: Interview with Futures Fund All-Star Chris Isaac

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Since 2015, The Futures Fund has been uplifting and impacting the lives of youth and adults. Over the course of those nearly 8 years some Trainees have stayed committed and returned year after year past their graduation. First in Workstudy, honing their skills in real-life projects to make money, then into Mentorship learning leadership skills to help strengthen their personal development, as well as coming in as Instructors or Site Managers.

Today, we wanted to speak with someone who has not only been around since the beginning but has shown an endearment to the work that Futures Fund does. Chris Isaac, now 21, has been with us throughout middle and high school, and now while he is navigating college and career life. Chris seeks to grow his entrepreneurial skills, currently showing interest in merch design and brand-building.

Tell us about the beginning of your time with Futures Fund.

I got involved with the Futures Fund when I was in middle school. I think when I was in 8th grade I was introduced to the program for the first time. I’ve basically been involved with them ever since.

Futures Fund offers a lot of different opportunities, what has been your favorite experience so far?

The community and mentorship I got were and still are my favorite things about the program. I got to meet a lot of great people that I’m still in contact with today. It helped form a lot of lifelong connections.

What was the path you took in the program?

I was taught coding and web development skills on top of marketing and project management.

With so many youth programs out there, why would you recommend Futures Fund to new students?

We as mentors and instructors are there to teach our students as much as we can. On top of the practical skills like coding or photography, the lessons we got went beyond just the practical, we learned how to work as a team, how to really communicate with others, and how to use our skills to find unique career paths. It’s an introduction to a world of interests and creative paths that I wouldn’t have learned about until much later in life if at all.

You've been involved for a long time! What keeps you coming back?

I think the Futures Fund works as a good introduction to people in the city to interests and fields that we’re not really taught about. With the right support and using this as an opportunity to build community with others, I hope to see a point where students and people involved are able to funnel aid and assistance back into the area. Using our skills to find ways to help our community and see a better future for Baton Rouge.

If you are interested in seeing your youth join programs like The Futures Fund, apply here!

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