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Spring into Code: Coding Boot Camp Pilot Starts Spring in Full Force

As an unexpectedly cold winter season winds down in Louisiana, The Futures Fund is ramping up for an exciting spring!

Beginning March 11, The Futures Fund hosted the first virtual Coding Boot Camp class of the season with Level 1, 2, and 3 trainees fully present.

Amongst the newest trainees in attendance was hairdresser Sharon B. Over the last year the cosmetology industry has faced severe cutbacks due to COVID-19, and Sharon saw the opportunity to learn coding as a great blessing to advance her career.

"I was so excited to make it in [Coding Boot Camp]…A lot of other programs that teach code are priced out of reach, and I know this opportunity doesn't come often."

Sharon isn't alone in wanting to make changes. From the entertainment industry to those working jobs where upward mobility has stalled at their current skill level, trainees of all backgrounds have the chance for significant skill growth through the Coding Boot Camp.

The momentum will continue as we head deeper into the spring with Level 3 trainees working towards industry-specific professional development through IBM's Open P-Tech and SkillsBuild platforms, supported in part by BRCC. Follow along at to stay up to date with the impressive work our students are doing!

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