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September Tech Academy Lunch & Learn

During every lunch break at the Tech Academy, we host a "Lunch and Learn" with a special guest speaker. Our speakers come from all over the nation, but often have local roots that the Trainees can relate to. Each speaker discusses their journey of following their passion and finding what drives them, as well as opening up about the difficulties of them getting there.

This month we hosted two amazing individuals, local activist Myra Richardson and professional skateboarder Corey Dennis.

Myra talked to the teens about growing a presence as a youth and speaking up for yourself. She imparted that one of the hardest hurdles to overcome is not just race or gender, but age and perceived experience. She answered questions on building support towards issues that mean a lot to our youth, as well as why she continues her passionate work to make progress in this city. You can follow Myra on Instagram here.

Fresh from California, Corey Dennis (aka @swampzillah), discusses breaking into skateboarding, a predominantly white industry. Despite numerous setbacks, Corey was able to break the stigma that hovered and made a name for himself in his hobby-turned career. While a Lafayette-native, Corey moved to Oakland, CA in the past few years to build his brand and influence as a skateboarder. Corey's gained some great success, starring in Lil Wayne's Tribute to New Orleans and being featured in a few well-known skate magazines like Thrasher.

Watch the Lil' Wayne Love Letter to New Orleans below:

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