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Samantha Morgan Looks to Shake Up "Traditional" Media

Greeted by a sea of information, perspectives, and interests, we need to approach media differently. It's no wonder as media is becoming more monopolized and sources become inconsistent, or worse, inaccurate.

Samantha Morgan, felt similarly in that traditional media is on its way out, subversively driven to inevitable extinction by its own hands. She hopes to help accomplish this shift in media through her work with Walls Project.

Media really can't live beyond the confines of perspective, but what Walls looks to accomplish through our ever-evolving work, is to build collaborative narratives and tell complex stories about the persistent issues continuing to face our communities near and far.

Without revealing too much, Samantha speaks on the areas she looks to build out this new approach to media,

This is an incredibly exciting time in human history. Globally, we have begun having conversations that will impact what the world will look like in 10, 20, 100 years. And the way we’re having those conversations is changing as well. Walls is giving me the opportunity to be part of that change and I’m ready to serve as the voice for the voiceless.

Between hosting group bike rides with Downtown East Social Ride in Baton Rouge and time with her husband, Matthew, and corgi, Samantha loves to research and uncover new information about current and historical stories.

"Everyone has a story, and I always felt that the ones we are hearing we've already heard a million times before. So I want to uncover the stories of those who are often most ignored or overlooked and not just report on it, but offer solutions-based journalism through working with The Walls Project."

Soon enough, future stories and discussions will continue to reveal to us where the gaps of equity continue to persist and how we can address them beyond defining them. Stay tuned for more!

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