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Pursuing Passion Through Web Design

For the last few years, pursuing passions has become a more important component of self-care. As we all look for ways to invest in ourselves, aligning passions to generate income has grown in popularity. While there are many ways to begin this process, Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp and Tech Academy have become a very tangible way to create that bridge.

Coding for the Web can feel intimidating, but having that end product in mind is truly helpful in propelling the experience. Many students of the Futures Fund enter with pet projects on their brains. They range as much as the individual, but all are looking to create a website to link their passion to the outside world.

Each semester of the Futures Fund ends with a capstone project where students showcase the skills learned during the semester. This entails making a dummy website - which many in the program use as a way to demonstrate their passion projects.

So, how can building a website kickstart self-care? First, let’s examine the ways that hobbies and passions can allow for self-growth. The Harvard Business Review contends, “A growing body of research suggests that pursuing your passion does indeed improve your well-being but that where you do it is far less critical. In fact, several studies show that doing something you are passionate about outside of work rather than in it benefits both your career and your personal life.”

CBC graduate, Justin Calais, looks to advance his passion for writing by using his self-built website as a platform for seeing his content. Having written two books, Justin is excited to continue to work on his website post-graduation so that he can continue adding more components and features.

See Justin’s final capstone project here:

No matter the focus of the individual, Futures Fund creates an environment for discovery and investment into unique passions. As mental health and self-care become more recognized in importance, pursuing opportunities like these opens many pathways to better lives.

To enroll in the next cohort of the Futures Fund Coding Boot Camp, click here.

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