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Next Generation of Creatives Found in North Baton Rouge Youth

The Futures Fund opens its doors to another semester of teaching the next great photographers and coders of the capital city.

On September 8th, The Futures Fund will see new and returning faces enter their classrooms to be trained for skills that can change their future career paths. Baton Rouge students, between sixth and twelfth grade are able to enter the program and become trained in photography or coding over the course of ten Saturdays.

Each class of either a digital or visual arts discipline, begins as early morning workshops lead by some of Baton Rouge’s highest-ranked industry professionals. These teachers not only pass the skills they’ve learned throughout their careers, additionally they become mentors to students looking to expand their trajectories.

In its third year, The Futures Fund already sees students moving the needle on their own. Coding instructor, Quinton Jason, states, “Since the group was together last semester, they came in ready to roll. Some of them already do freelance and brought their freelance questions to the start of class.” This sense of entrepreneurism is sparked and encouraged throughout the classes. Every skill taught is meant to empower young minds into pursuing their passions.

The Futures Fund program manager, Taylor S. Hunter, passionately describes the growing impact of the classes, “Every Saturday morning, [our] mission is to educate, enrich and empower the young minds that soon will be leading our neighborhoods, cities and state for years to come.”

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