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Mural #129 - The Places We'll Go Complete!

In December, after a successful community fundraiser, Walls Project was able to complete a public art mural to highlight the future of transportation in Baton Rouge. The mural looks to address the gaps in transportation access by showing a visionary landscape through multiple vignettes of individuals enjoying the freedom that comes from being able to get to where they need to go.

Transportation continues to be a hurdle for many in Baton Rouge. A significant amount of a person’s income must go towards owning and operating a vehicle. This of course doesn’t take into consideration individuals who cannot drive, due to age, health, or multitudes of other reasons. Without transportation, success is kept out of the hands of those who cannot control their access to reliable transportation.

This is artist Bryson Boutte's second OneRouge mural with the organization.

Muralist Bryson Boutte paints details on Places We'll Go
Muralist Bryson Boutte paints details on Places We'll Go

This mural is the fourth of the series around the OneRouge project, where funds raised help not only pay for artist and mural costs but also help fund the programs of the Walls Project that work to help reduce the barriers of poverty through food access and workforce development.

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