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Making it through the Winter Blast with Baton Roots Community Farm

Volunteers help at Baton Roots Community Farm @ BREC Howell Park

Last week, cold temperatures swept across the country, including south Louisiana. With 15 sites across town, Baton Roots staff and volunteers were quickly preparing for the cold weather. 

On Sunday, January 14th, hundreds of community members came out to Baton Roots Community Farm at BREC’s Howell Park to help the farm team harvest ready vegetables and cover plants that needed more grow time. 

"With the freezing temperatures, I was worried that some of the crops wouldn't make it and I just didn't want anything to go to waste. I wanted to share our bountiful harvest with everybody," Baton Roots Senior Program Coordinator Mitchell Provensal said. 

The robust community response meant that all crops were harvested or covered within an hour. Community members took produce home with them, and leftover produce was distributed to MLK Festival Volunteers on Monday, January 15th. 

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